thyroid health
Keystone Pharmacy - September 12, 2023

If you are a woman who deals with low energy levels, sluggish metabolism, or unstable mood, did you know that your thyroid could be the culprit? The thyroid gland plays an essential role in the regulation of hormone levels in the body, so when it is not functioning at its best, you can experience a variety of negative side effects, such as low energy and mood swings. Fortunately, Keystone Compounding Pharmacy offers a selection of supplements for thyroid support for women in order to help you live your healthiest life! Read on to find out more about our supplements for thyroid support for women.

1. Selenium

Selenium is a trace mineral that is often forgotten about, but is extremely important when it comes to thyroid health. Your thyroid gland depends on selenium to function correctly and convert thyroid hormones from their inactive forms to active forms. Selenium can be among the most effective supplements for thyroid support for women, as it aids in both the production and activation of thyroid hormones, which keeps your metabolism functioning at its best.

2. Iodine

iodine supplements

Iodine is another key player when it comes to thyroid health, as it is crucial for the production of thyroid hormones. If your thyroid is unable to produce enough of these essential hormones, it can slow down your metabolism and lower your overall energy levels. Incorporating iodine supplements for thyroid support for women can help to ensure your thyroid has the raw materials it needs to create essential hormones, helping you to maintain a healthy weight, stable mood, and consistent energy levels.

3. Zinc

Zinc is another mineral that is important for the production of thyroid hormones, which leads to optimal function for the thyroid itself as well as related systems like the metabolism. Similar to iodine, zinc supplements can help to ensure that your thyroid is able to produce needed hormones. This helps you maintain good energy levels, a stable mood, and more.

4. Iron

iron supplements

Iron is yet another mineral that is important for proper thyroid function, including the ability of the thyroid to produce a sufficient amount of hormones. And since iron deficiency is more common in women than men, iron supplements can be a valuable way to provide thyroid support for women. When you ensure that you have enough iron in your system, you are supporting your thyroid’s ability to produce essential hormones, which provides a range of benefits.

When you incorporate some of these helpful supplements for thyroid support for women, you’ll be able to help your thyroid work its best while also assisting in the function of other bodily systems, like the metabolism. So if you’re looking to improve your energy levels, stabilize your mood, and promote better metabolic function, talk to our team about our options for thyroid support for women!