young female burying her head in a pillow
Keystone Pharmacy - April 4, 2023

In today’s world, stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. With the busy pace at which things need to be done, it’s easy to get bogged down, leading to negative thoughts and emotions. If you suffer from depression, you know how it can affect both your physical and mental health. While everyone goes through times of hardship, it’s important to find positive ways to deal with negative emotions. Here are 4 healthy ways to handle depression:

1. Express Your Thoughts

female writing down her thoughts in a journal

One of the best ways to handle depression and feelings of stress and anxiety is to document them. This is a great way for people to let go of what they are feeling. If you try to bottle up all the negativity, then it’s harder to get through difficult circumstances. If you tend to be more of an outgoing person, find a family member or friend that you feel comfortable talking to. When you are dealing with depression, having an outlet person can help tremendously. For those who are more introverted, try writing your thoughts in a journal. The result is the same in the fact that it allows you to release your emotions.

2. Take a Walk

In some cases, a little dose of vitamin D is enough to help your mood improve. Your body reacts well to being outside, and the outdoors may help you to feel more positive. The next time you are going through a rough time, take a few minutes to just take a stroll to get away from everything for a short period of time. You will find that if you lock yourself inside when you are dealing with depression that it becomes harder to escape your thoughts. Therefore, stick to a consistent routine and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

3. Stay Involved

wine cheers at a dinner with friends

When you are going through a stretch of depression, it’s easy to withdraw yourself socially. However, studies have shown that social interaction is essential, especially for those who are going through hard times. Therefore, you should always push yourself to stay involved with family and friends. Your social connections can help you from heading into a downward spiral. Whether it’s something as simple as going out to dinner or catching a movie, you will find that social interaction can help you get through some difficult times.

4. Look at Supplement Aids

For those who are looking for help getting through rough patches in life, there are some products that can help give you an emotional boost. Low dose naltrexone has been used to treat anxiety and depression. It has been proven that it can help normalize cortisol levels in the body, which helps to improve mood and feelings of anxiety! Also, Unwind provides a unique blend of botanicals and nutrients that supports the stress response, improves cognition, and in particular, promotes cortisol balance during the initial alarm phase. In addition, Ashwagandha can be used to help your body adapt to physical and mental stressors and can also help restore sleep quality altered by stress.

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