3D diagram of thyroid gland
Keystone Pharmacy - March 10, 2023

Your thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that is located at the front of your neck under your skin. While it’s not often talked about, this small part of your body plays a key role in numerous functions. The thyroid is in charge of producing and releasing certain hormones that are used throughout the body. Here are 4 things to know about your body’s thyroid gland:

1. What Does the Thyroid Do?

As an endocrine gland, your thyroid makes and secretes hormones as previously mentioned. However, let’s take a closer look at what hormones are involved in the process. The main hormone that the thyroid produces is thyroxine, commonly known as T4. Once the T4 is released into your bloodstream, it can convert to T3, or triiodothyronine. While the thyroid produces much less of this hormone to begin with, it plays a huge role in metabolism. Another one of the hormones created by the thyroid is calcitonin, which helps to regulate the amount of calcium in your blood.

2. What Do the Released Hormones Affect?

rubber thyroid next to a stethoscope

Now that you know what hormones are created and released by the thyroid gland, let’s dive into how these hormones help your body. The main job of the thyroid is to control the speed of metabolism, which is how your body transforms the food you eat into energy. Some of the other things that these hormones help with include heart rate, breathing, digestion, body temperature, bone structure, and brain development. As you can see, this small part of your endocrine system has major impacts on the other parts of your body.

3. What Is the Makeup of the Thyroid?

There are two main parts that make up the thyroid, the two outer lobes and the middle which connect the two lobes together. Your thyroid is made up of thyroid follicle cells, which create and store hormones. One amazing fact is that your thyroid gland is only about 2 inches long! However, certain conditions can cause your thyroid to become enlarged, which can lead to swelling in your neck, a tightening of your throat, and a change in voice.

4. How Can I Protect My Thyroid?

rubber thyroid alongside medication pills

There are many different types of thyroid disease. This is actually very common, with an estimated 20 million people in the United States alone having some form of thyroid disorder. Women are more prone than men, with chances that are between five to eight times more likely. We offer an amazing product that can help to protect your thyroid. Thyroid Support with Zinc is a comprehensive vitamin, mineral, and herbal formula that is designed to support the healthy functioning of the thyroid.

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