pharmacist writing a prescription
Keystone Pharmacy - October 26, 2022

I have read and been told by colleagues that the word anti-aging sells, but the term makes me cringe. I always picture an infomercial pressuring me to buy something - and if I act now I'll get a bonus item.

The truth is we cannot stop the aging process. However, what you can do is educate yourself in the pursuit of health and quality of life and use Keystone Pharmacy as a resource.

In a traditional setting, a doctor may see you, evaluate you and possibly send you on your way with a prescription. At Keystone Pharmacy, we work with many functional medicine doctors who treat the whole individual. These doctors look at a person's diet, supplements, environmental or toxic exposure and stress or cortisol levels.

Once these factors are addressed, Keystone works with the doctor to build on or correct hormone imbalances. As you might expect, this process can take months or a year to complete. While this is not an infomercial quick fix, by looking closely at each individual person, we can help people look and feel healthier through lifestyle changes.

Additionally, Keystone provides hormone testing through a saliva test that, coupled with a complete lifestyle evaluation, can provide a hormone-balancing program. We can also formulate an individual hormone compound in an easy to administer application. One client favorite is the topically applied hormone Estriol - commercially available in Europe, Estirol works to reduce fine wrinkles and pore size.

While we can't avoid aging, Keystone can partner with you and your doctor to keep you healthy and active as you age. As Jimmy Dean famously said, "I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."