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Keystone Pharmacy - October 3, 2023

If you have never visited our pharmacy before, you might be wondering what services we offer! If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together this helpful breakdown of the services we offer here at our Michigan compounding pharmacy, from customized medications to natural supplements and more!

1. Custom Compounding

compounding process

One of the main services we offer is our custom compounding. Your health needs are unique, so why should your medications be one-size-fits-all? Here at our Michigan compounding pharmacy, we can create customized medications to suit your exact needs. For instance, if you are allergic to a specific ingredient in a medicine, we can create a version without it. If you need a better delivery method, we can create alternative forms of your medications. Whatever your unique needs may be, our team is here to help make sure you have the right medication for you!

2. Natural Supplements

Another of the services we offer at our Michigan compounding pharmacy is the selection of pharmaceutical-grade supplements that we carry. These natural supplements can help to manage a variety of conditions and promote general wellbeing, which is why we have them available! We carry trusted brands like Designs for Health, Ortho Molecular Products, Thorne, and our very own Nutrition Brand.

3. Testing

COVID test

We also offer various testing services here at our Michigan compounding pharmacy, so that you can have the best information about your body and any potential illnesses. We offer COVID antigen testing, COVID antibody testing, influenza testing, and more. These tests can help to give you valuable peace of mind when it comes to your health!

4. Med Sync

Are you tired of taking lots of trips to the pharmacy each month just to pick up medications? We understand! At our Michigan compounding pharmacy, we offer a Med Sync program that helps to line up your medication refills. Our staff works to coordinate your medications so that you can pick all of them up on a single day each month, saving you lots of time! Our Med Sync program is just a small part of our commitment to providing an easier pharmacy experience for our patients.

5. Genomic and Hormone Testing


Another service that we offer here at our Michigan compounding pharmacy is genomic testing. This process can be used to identify changes in the sequence of your DNA, which can provide valuable information for those who are fighting cancer or have a history of the disease in their family. We can also conduct tests regarding potential hormone imbalances, allowing you to have a complete picture of your personal health.

6. Drive-Thru

Sometimes life can get busy, which is why we have a drive-thru here at our pharmacy! Don’t worry about parking and heading inside, just pull up and get your medications from the convenience of your car. You can also get over-the-counter items in the drive-thru, making it a perfect one-stop-shop!

Now that you know more about the services we offer here at our Michigan compounding pharmacy, you can see why our patients trust us as their partners in health. If you are interested in becoming a patient here at our pharmacy, just reach out to our dedicated team of experts today and take advantage of the services we offer. We look forward to seeing you soon!