runner holding the back of her leg from muscle soreness
Keystone Pharmacy - February 9, 2023

As you know, exercising is great for your body. You will find that a workout gives you more energy and can help you achieve your weight loss goals. However, one of the few downsides is that you may experience short-term pain in the hours following your workout routine, especially if you have been lifting weights. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make the pain go away! Here are 5 tips for how to relieve muscle soreness after exercise:

1. Keep Moving

After a workout, we are sure you are worn out. However, it’s important to do some cooldown stretches to avoid muscle soreness. If you go straight home and lay down on the couch, you may notice that your muscles begin to tighten up, causing discomfort. Therefore, one of the best things to do is to keep your muscles moving. You can do this in a multitude of ways, including through light cardio or just by stretching. If you are looking for a relaxing cooldown routine, try your hand at yoga or meditation stretches.

2. Warm Up Before Exercising

athlete completing pre-workout stretches

As crucial as it is to do a cool down stretch, it is equally as important to warm up before you hop into your workout. This ensures that your muscles have a way to ease into the exercise. You always want to make sure your body is totally primed for use before you challenge yourself with an intense workout. Before you hit the treadmill or begin to lift your weights, take several minutes to stretch out the muscles in your arms, legs, and back. You will be glad you did as this can help avoid cramping and muscle soreness during and after your workout.

3. Plan Out Recovery Days

When you are setting up your weekly workout plan, it’s important to schedule days off to give your muscles time to rest and repair. If you overwork your muscles, you will become more prone to soreness. During your rest days, it’s important to take the steps necessary to care for your body. Some of these things include sleeping well, staying hydrated, and using heat and ice to take care of any existing soreness. Many folks believe that you have to work out every day to see results, but the truth is rest days are just as important as the days you are in the gym.

4. Treat Pain With Natural Supplements

yellow pills poured out on the table in the shape of the letter "B"

There are a number of natural supplements that are a great addition to your post-workout routine. B-complex vitamins give us the energy to repair, heal, and keep on moving after exercising. Studies have also shown that B vitamins help to metabolize the proteins that our body needs to make new muscle cells. Our Super B-Complex is formulated to provide support for optimal cardiovascular health with a full range of B vitamins!

5. Take a Pain Reliever

Even if you take the steps necessary to avoid soreness, there will still be days when you wake up in pain. One of the best tips for how to relieve muscle soreness is by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. While this does not speed up the recovery process, it can help to alleviate the soreness that goes with it. If you are hurting on a day when you are supposed to work out, either switch your days around or exercise a different part of your body. It is always important to mix up your workouts anyway, such as lifting weights one day and taking a leg day the following workout.

Are you interested in more tips on how to relieve muscle soreness? Schedule a consultation today with one of our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists who want to get you on track for a happy and healthy lifestyle! We look forward to hearing from you!