woman hiking outdoors
Keystone Pharmacy - May 26, 2023

While being inside offers a ton of benefits, such as air conditioning and entertainment, there is no denying that it’s nice to get outside to enjoy the warm weather. Not only can you explore the natural environment, but there are also plenty of other mental and health benefits of vitamin D. Here are 4 benefits of outdoor activity:

1. Better Breathing

While some folks deal with outdoor allergies during the peak pollen season, there are also indoor pollutants that can leave you sneezing and sniffling. In fact, indoor concentrations of air pollutants are often two to five times greater than those that are found outdoors. On the flip side, spending more time in natural green spaces could help lower your risk of respiratory illnesses, including asthma. The next time you are looking for something to do, take a nice walk around the block or plan a hiking trip to explore one of the gorgeous areas of the country.

2. Better Sleep

woman sleeping in bed at night

You have probably heard about your body’s circadian rhythm. It’s important to keep a consistent sleep schedule to keep your body’s timing as consistent as possible. One thing you may not know is that your internal clock naturally follows the sun, making you feel awake during the day and tired at night. Exposing your body to sunlight during the day can make you feel more tired at night, as well as improve the quality of your sleep every night. Another way to get more sleep is by taking part in outdoor exercises, such as a hike or a bike ride around the neighborhood.

3. Reduced Stress and Depression

Everyone has periods of life when anxiety, stress, and depression strike. The important thing is to know how to make it through those hardships. You may be surprised to know that a better mood is one of the many benefits of outdoor activity. Studies have shown that light therapy is a great treatment for both chronic and seasonal depression. There is no secret that the cold winter months bring an increase in mental health problems, and the lack of time outside is one of the biggest reasons why.

4. Boosted Immune System

people laughing outside after a workout

No one likes feeling ill, so you are probably always looking for new ways to stay healthy. Experts have studied the effects of being outside in regard to the immune system, and they have come to the conclusion that there is a correlation. People are less likely to contract viruses when outside. In fact, the transmission rate is almost 19 times higher indoors than it is outdoors for several key viruses. While washing your hands is always smart, it turns out that playing in the dirt may also lead to a better immune system!

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