Thomas Magnifico, R.Ph., FACA - October 5, 2022

You may have heard of compounding medication for people, but did you know that Keystone Pharmacy can compound medicine for your pet, too? From cats and dogs to ferrets and monitor lizards, we can make a custom product for their specific needs.

If your pet needs to take medication, vitamins or supplements, we can provide a way to easily administer whatever pill or liquid they need. Trying to give your pet medicine can be traumatic for them and may even leave you with scratches or bites. Compounding medication is a great alternative - from application methods to dosage control, there are many advantages to making the switch.

First, using a compounded medication can reduce the stress of medication time. Keystone Pharmacy offers a better way to medicate your pet and can tailor the exact dose and form to your pet's size, weight and preferences. Easy administration can greatly reduce the stress many pets associate with medication time.

Second, it delivers medication effectively. We've seen a few sick animals after well-intentioned animal "parents" have tried to administer medication and wound up harming a pet. However, compound medications assure that your animal is actually getting its medication safely. Sometimes we'll create a custom-flavored liquid to mask the taste and smell for your dog, or prepare a topical medication for your cat and let its natural grooming tendencies do the rest of the work.

Third, it delivers medication correctly. Many commercial medicines have a limited range of strengths available, leaving you guessing how much to give your pet or administering a pill too big for them to swallow. Compound medications take the guesswork out of the equation and give you greater peace of mind.

If medication time is a struggle for your pet or you want to ensure that your pet is getting the right medication, talk to your vet about switching to a compound medication and call Keystone Pharmacy at 616-974-9792