Keystone Pharmacy - September 27, 2023

When it comes to foods that can help to support your overall health and wellbeing, one category that is often overlooked is mushrooms. Various types of mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and have recently gained traction in the modern medical community. Here at Keystone Compounding Pharmacy, we look at all approaches when it comes to helping support your health and allowing you to live your best life, which is why we’ve put together this helpful guide to the various health benefits of mushrooms, which types of mushrooms are beneficial, and more. Read on to learn more about how these mushrooms can positively contribute to your wellbeing.

Lion's Mane

lions mane mushroom

One of the most promising health benefits of mushrooms is their potential to support cognitive function and long term brain health. Lion’s Mane is one of the top mushrooms for supporting brain health, as research has suggested that it can help to stimulate the production of vital proteins in the brain, which helps to grow and maintain nerve cells. By supporting the growth and repair of the neurons in your brain, Lion’s Mane can help to improve memory, concentration, and overall brain function. It has even shown promise in reducing the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. If you are looking for ways to support your cognitive health, Lion’s Mane might be a good option for you!


Another mushroom that may provide key benefits is Cordyceps, a parasitic mushroom that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Cordyceps is believed to increase the production of Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, which is vital for energizing your body’s cells. By enhancing production of ATP, Cordyceps may help to increase energy levels, improve endurance, and limit fatigue, helping you to feel your best all day long!

Turkey Tail

turkey tail mushroom

Another of the top health benefits of mushrooms is certain kinds’ ability to help boost the immune system. Turkey Tail is a mushroom with significant immune-boosting properties, which has made it a popular choice for those looking to better support their immune health. By aiding in the production of white blood cells, Turkey Tail can help to improve and fortify the body’s immune response, leading to an increased ability to fight infections and diseases. By incorporating Turkey Tail into your health regimen, you can help to give your body the tools it needs to stay healthy!


Reishi is yet another mushroom with lots of potential health benefits. Research suggests that Reishi can provide a wide range of benefits, from improved immune response and lowering cholesterol, to better sleep and reduced anxiety, and more. By incorporating Reishi into your regimen, you can help give your body a wide variety of tools for all the types of challenges it faces!

These health benefits of mushrooms are just some of the ways that you can improve your wellbeing through natural remedies. Here at Keystone Compounding Pharmacy, we utilize all approaches to ensure that you have the best options available to you for your health needs. If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide, reach out to our team today and we would be happy to assist you!