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We purchase Potassium Bromide, 325 mg, for our aging dog. I ordered a bottle of Pot Bromide last week, and Brandy took the order. The next day, another lady called to tell me that the shipment was late and it would be delayed a day. I am sorry I did not write down her name. Lynn then called the next day, the shipment was late but assured me my dog's script would go out as soon as possible. I deeply appreciate the attention to detail, the courtesy the staff always shares with me and your concerns the later shipping date would cause a problem. I always try and keep extra meds on hand, especially in the winter months, so our dog is cover. Our dog has seizures and this medicine keeps him seizure free. We are always glad to shop and buy locally and are grateful to Keystone for keeping our dog seizure free. Thanks you for all you do, and I so grateful for a staff of caring people who make every effort to treat their patients with care and respect. Happy New Year to each of you at Keystone Pharmacy.

- Mrs D., Holland, MI​

The BEST pharmacy you will ever find! I've been a customer for 14 years & have watched then grow into what they are today. By far the most caring, knowledgeable staff out there and Dave is a powerhouse walking database of knowledge who has helped so many people. I've never met a single staff member there that wasn't friendly, helpful, and always willing to answer a question.

-Tammy A

I am not only pleased to offer our positive experience with your compounding method but feel that we would be remiss if not spreading the word regarding our results. My wife was 48 when this “journey” began in 2011. We had 14 year old twins, so the side effects of oral medication, long term, were of great concern.

My wife experienced minimum side effects from her hysterectomy for about a year. Then all he​ck broke loose. My wife was someone I no longer knew, Almost overnight the hormonal imbalance kicked in causing nearly all the dramatic side effects that this surgery or menopause is known to cause. After several long months of various combinations of drugs taken orally, with minimal success, Dr. Scott Carlson suggested compounding through Keystone Pharmacy.

Blood tests were done and the results sent to Mary Heim, RPh, FAAFM, at ​Keystone. Within two months the positive changes experienced in personality, reduced hot flashes, sleeping difficulty and personal home life (YAHOO!!) were apparent. Additionally, there is great benefit in being able to apply this therapy at the sight where needed and thus bypassing the digestive system and all other body organs. After almost two years of therapy (starting in July of 2012), we have found no adverse side effects of any kind. Life is joyously back to normal.

Keystone Pharmacy​ makes adjustments in formula as needed, indicated by patient /doctor updates and additional blood draw results. Most insurance covers the process, but if ours did not, I would gladly pay any amount for this therapy. It is important that your insurance provider understands the process and if not covered ask what product or drug is in the way. We found that one drug was in our way for coverage, but a simple change to another made it payable by insurance.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who might have a question not covered above.
Thank you,

- Frank and Karen B

Wearing her "red ball jets" which made it easier for Annie to walk toward the end.

Canine degenerative myelopathy is an incurable, progressive disease of the canine spinal cord that is similar in many ways to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Onset is typically after the age of 7 years and it is seen most frequently in the German shepherd dog, Pembroke Welsh corgi, and boxer dog. Progressive weakness and incoordination of the rear limbs are often the first signs seen in affected dogs, with progression over time to complete paralysis. When Marla’s dog, Annie had a DNA confirmed diagnosis, she went to work researching on her behalf. She found that a drug used for humans with MS held some promise. She spoke to Sarah, her DVM about having the medication compounded in the correct strength for Annie. Along with rehab and massage therapy, her custom medication compounded by Keystone Pharmacy gave her an additional year and ½ with Annie!
- Marla B., Cascade, MI

I am singing Adam’s praises for working tirelessly with my insurance companies to figure out coverage for my “muscle rub” compounded prescription cream. My insurance companies denied my typical formula base cream, making the Rx very expensive for me. Adam found a cream they would cover, my doctor OK’d it and now I can enjoy pain relief again! The entire staff is so kind and polite with any question I have – just a delightful pharmacy!
- Ruthann, Allegan, MI

Keystone is 30 miles from my house. They are one of three compounding pharmacies in the area. It was the most pleasant experience that I've had in a long time. Everyone was so friendly and organized. I would encourage anyone to use this pharmacy.
- Roger P. Rockford, MI

Thank you, thank you very much for your time and outgoing friendship to persons in pain! Thank you for the presentation given to the RSDS/Chronic Pain Support Group of GR. The info on compounding meds for giving relief from chronic pain was very interesting and Dave's presentation was enlightening and barrier free.
- Cliff M, Grand Rapids

Hi Dr. Dave,
I finally got the prescription for the foot compounded medication yesterday. Last night, for the first time in months, I slept straight through the night without a single spasm in my foot or pain! There’s no way to describe what an immense relief this is! I’ve been so sleep deprived that I was getting up several mornings a week, crying from the pain in the foot and the lack of sleep. It amazes me that this would work on the first application! What can I say but that I am so incredibly happy today to be free from that agony! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is amazing and like a miracle to me! God bless you!
- Judy, MI

Dear Dr. Miller,
Just a quick note of appreciation. My insurance company offers discounted mail prescription service. Even with that discount, I still choose to use your pharmacy because of your outstanding service, customer service and your staff's excellent knowledge base. Hat's off to you and your entire staff. Have a great day! Thanks again,
- Debbie, MI

I am 36 years old and first starting meeting with Mary about three/four years ago. I initially came in with hormone imbalance problems and later on with a pretty serious hair loss issue. You name it and I’ve tried it. I had previously been treated by an over aggressive doctor in Arizona (where I used to live) and more recently had spent $2,000 trying to seek help, at a popular natural medicine clinic here in Grand Rapids, only to end up feeling frustrated and with no resolution to any of my problems. Mary was the first person to take the time to actually listen to my concerns and find a solution that worked specifically for me and my body. She didn't give me the "one size fits all" treatment plans that I had tried with others, that had clearly not worked. I appreciate her conservative approach to treatment and the fact that she suggests implementing things in your life that you can realistically do. I am happy to say that I'm feeling the best I ever have with balanced hormones and absolutely no more hair loss! The large amount of hair that I had lost has even grown back in beautifully! If you are thinking about seeing Mary I would highly suggest it and truly believe it’s one of the best things you can to do for your health!
- Carrie, Ada, MI

"You guys are the best! Our patient is all set to start treatment tonight. All of us involved are so impressed! Thanks so much!"
- Gerri F, FNP-BC, Great Lakes Caring Hospice & Palliative Care

"Dave - thank you for your comments and I do appreciate the information on the reduced cost of a three-month supply. That should make the cost more feasible for me - my initial "panic" stemmed from the fact that starting in October, my portion of health insurance costs are increasing considerably and taking on additional expenses is a big concern. It's still going to be difficult, but I feel better know the cost is not hundreds of dollars in costs. I am definitely making sure Blue Cross knows how I feel about this. They're foolish to think this will result in cost savings to them in the long run when folks who are unable to continue their meds end up with higher-cost medical issues. Again, thank you for the information." - MC, RN, BSN

"Whooo Hoooo…Go Dave! Please pass on our congratulations to him from all of us here at The Fertility Center! I was just thinking of him not too long ago and remembering when he “created” a spray for me when I had horrible sun burn on my back/neck years ago! It was wonderful and helped soooo much! Hopefully I won’t need it again, but I know that if I do I have somewhere to go for help!
Thanks to Dave and the Keystone Crew!"
- Amy W, RN, BSN

"I want to Thank you Dave and all of the staff for being there for me and trying to help make my life easier with getting my medications and prescriptions that I need while making sure I spend the least amount of my father's money as possible. I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me. I know that you guys have all been great mostly working with and through my father, who cares alot about me, to make sure I have what I need to maintain a decent quality of life. I appreciate you all being so patient and wonderful to my family and I. I feel like Keystone isn't just a pharmacy that I go to to pick up my prescriptions. I feel that you guys are an extended addition to my family and I can't being to tell you all how wonderful you are. Without you guys working with me and making sure that I get what I need without having to spend a ton of money I can't imagine what I would do or how life would be. I want to make sure you all know how much I appreciate you guys. You are always making me feel welcome and make me feel like I am not just a number but an customer that is important. Thank you all. You make life easier for me. Have a wonderful day."
- Laura M.

"Hi Mary,
Just want to let you know I found the Wellness Messenger you, Brandi, and Dave wrote, interesting and helpful. Thanks for the information."
- Ann

"Dear Dr. David Miller,
I wanted to thank you for supporting the mission trip to Haiti with your generous donations. With the assistance of the medications donated from Keystone Pharmacy, we were able to provide medical care for 1200 patients in the course of the trip. We traveled from Port-Au-Prince to several tent cities, the largest which has grown in size to 5500 families, since the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Our group was able to serve patients who were severely malnourished and medically ill, spreading the love of Jesus Christ to many desperate for help. Most lived in boxes and tarps wrapped around sticks for homes, and were starving without adequate food and clean water, sickness all around. We shared food and water available, clothing, and provided medical care to those in need, bringing donated medicines in suitcases to dispense. I have truly been blessed to have seen the power of healing and hope that can occur through sharing the blessings we have received with others less fortunate, and Keystone Pharmacy has helped provide the bridge for us to share.
Thanks again,"
- Christopher Van Ryn, PA-C

"I have been a customer of Keystone for six years, since my doctor first prescribed my compounded medication. Pharmacists and staff at Keystone are helpful, knowledgeable, professional, friendly etc., but it goes beyond that. My family has been hit very hard financially in recent years and three months ago, we lost our insurance and I was forced to go on Medicare. I purchased a Medicare Advantage plan (BCBS) so that I could get better coverage. It wasn't until I tried to get my compounded medication that I found out that it is not covered. It won't do any good to write to BCBS or Medicare to appeal (because I've tried most of the other medications and this is the only one that works without causing bad side effects or allergic reactions), because I learned this: "To be covered by Part D, a drug must be available only by prescription, be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), be used and sold in the United States, and be used for a medically accepted indication." Since compounded medications are not subject to approval by the FDA, they are excluded from the definition of a covered drug. I have been working on letters of protest, but in the meantime, I still need this medication. I had other medications changed to similar ones that are covered and are the least expensive. But with this one, there is no equivalent for me, and it's expensive. I am not someone who asks for help so I just broke down, this after so much bad luck in our lives. Dr. Dave Miller (Keystone) sat and talked with me and told me that he would help until our situation changes, and I gratefully accepted. He has given me a very generous discount. In a world where it feels like everyone's goal is to beat you up and take all your money (smiling all the while), this generous act of kindness is overwhelming. Who would believe that a pharmacy would care enough to help in this way? But that is the essence of Keystone – they have always gone the extra mile to help when it is needed."

"I have been a faithful customer of Keystone Pharmacy for several years now. The staff has always been friendly and courteous, and makes you feel like family. I am SO grateful for their ability to compound bio-identical hormones, as I had huge imbalances, which greatly affected my sleep and ability to function! Mary Heim is incredibly knowledgeable and so helpful with advice to get your life on a more even keel. The seminars they have offered have been life-savers! We even switched doctors, due to one of the lectures we attended on thyroid imbalance. I truly do not know where I would be without Keystone Pharmacy! They are THE BEST and you should give them a try!"

"This was the first time I went to this pharmacy. I could tell the moment I went in it was a true pharmacy and not just a drug store. The staff was amazing. I was helped right away and the pharmacist was very knowledgeable--I actually got to talk with her! This pharmacy has helped me individualize my treatment by working with my doctor to find the best drug for me. I recommend this pharmacy to everyone."
- Oct 13, 2010

"I have been to other pharmacies, but this one takes the cake. They are not like the chain pharmacies where you are just a number. Keystone Pharmacy makes me feel like I am their only customer. They have a very knowledgeable staff and their pharmacists are very helpful. I would recommend this."
- Oct 12, 2010

"This weekend, my mother lost ALL of her medications. I called the owner on his personal cell phone. He came in to the pharmacy on Sunday afternoon, despite Keystone being closed on Sundays. He filled all of my mother's prescriptions and we avoided a potential emergency. I am a loyal fan of Keystone for LIFE. Thank you."

"Just received a phone call with happy birthday sung to me from the staff at Keystone RX. It made me smile! What a wonderful, personal gesture! Thank you, you really made my day!"

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