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December 2013

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A Note from Dr. Dave

Scar Treatment

We have all had scars at one point in our lives, ranging from the results of a skinned knee to a severe, painful and disfiguring keloid scar. Sometimes when skin is wounded, the blood clots and the area becomes inflamed. Inflammatory cells produce substances called cytokines including TGF-ß (transforming growth factor-beta) are produced which stimulate fibroblasts and increase collagen production to heal the damaged area. Excessive collagen production results in a hypertrophic scar or keloid. Read more here

Changing the face of healing

Kayla was left scarred from a life-threatening car accident. PracaSil™-Plus boosted her confidence and helped her make a smooth recovery. Ask us about PracaSil™-Plus!
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Hormones with Mary

The hormone connection for stress

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is the most common steroid hormone in the body and is mainly produced by the adrenal glands. However, smaller amounts are made elsewhere in the body. It is metabolized from pregnenolone and is a precursor to the sex hormones: namely testosterone, but also the estrogens. These features are why testing DHEA is a valuable part of dealing with hormone imbalance. The result reflects how the adrenal glands are functioning; especially with a cortisol and DHEA level to compare. The body responds to stress (emotional, mental and physical) by releasing cortisol.

In addition to DHEA levels, a baseline estradiol and testosterone is also important when considering supplementation, as DHEA can raise testosterone and estrogen levels due to its precursor status. Female patients with low levels of both DHEA and sex hormones experiencing symptoms such as low libido could benefit from supplementing DHEA. Women convert DHEA to testosterone more readily than men. An appropriate dose for women would be 5 to 10mg orally every day.

While DHEA is often utilized for adrenal stress and adrenal fatigue, it has also been found to be involved in many other processes in the body. Studies have shown that DHEA displays significant positive results in areas such as the regulation of insulin, cortisol and immune activities, cardiovascular protection, anti-dementia, bone stimulation, antibacterial activities, energy and well-being. Local urologists and gynecologist are utilizing vaginal DHEA for vaginal cell atrophy and bladder issues.

Remembering that DHEA is a hormone is important to preventing side effects from incorrect self-treatment. A simple Internet search yields hundreds of sites touting the "magical" properties of DHEA, especially the feature of improving one's feeling of "well-being". Yet, a woman who is feeling "blue" and has perfectly normal levels of DHEA and testosterone may start supplementing with over the counter DHEA in male doses (25-50mg orally daily) and create a whole new set of problems by throwing her hormones out of balance. Reporting all medications to your physician including supplements such as DHEA is critical.


Over the past months, Experience Life Magazine several experts and physicians to put together this comprehensive piece which discusses, not only the functional medicine movement, but describes functional medicine versus conventional medicine and the basic tools used in functional medicine. Nov 8, 2013.
An online version of the article is available here.

Tis the season to be stressed?

With the holidays just around the corner; we all can become bogged down with the travel, shopping, and all the preparations that go along with them. The good news is that there are effective ways to help deal with the stress that we inevitably find ourselves in.

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May the blessings of Christmas be with you this holiday season.
- Brandi

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