The Sex Drive Solution for Women, a book review.

Every once in awhile, I ask our referring doctors what books they recommend we carry in the pharmacy. Keystone Pharmacy likes to have an up to date assortment of nutritional and functional medicine books for our patients. This book’s cover surprised us when it arrived. It is very pink and sort of sexy, so I decided to read it. I’m very glad I did and recommend you reserve your copy today.

At my age, Dr Jen Landa’s book could be for most women I know, including my daughters who are busily having and raising babies. She addresses hormones, supplements, lifestyle and dietary choices, even those voices in our head that can make situations more stressful than they are. Coming from a functional approach, Dr Jen’s book is easy to read and while there is clinical information inside, I was not overwhelmed by it.

I found myself laughing at times and copying pages when I finished. It is always a great reminder that eating correctly, exercising daily and occasionally ignoring the to-do list while you pursue enjoyable activities will help everyone’s health (and libido) to improve.

This book includes;
• Proven techniques to revive energy and overcome chronic fatigue
• The secrets to midlife weight loss
• A no-nonsense guide to the anatomy of sex
• What to expect during pregnancy and after baby
• Supplements that boost desire and drugs that kill it
• Sex after menopause
• A detailed overview on sexuality and hormones
• How to revive a relationship that’s gone stale
• Sound medical advice for pro-libido nutrition
• A libido quiz to help you identify what’s stealing your sex drive
• A chapter just for the guys…

Marie Woodard
Marketing Specialist

The Sex Drive Solution offers women of all ages the chance to learn what is happening to their bodies, why sex isn’t over after 40 and how to reinvent their love lives in every stage of life. Using her expertise as an OB/GYN and now a pioneer in bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr. Jen shares real life stories of patients who have experienced complete wellness transformations with renewed energy and zest for life! Applying these solutions, women can stop dreaming and start living sexier and happier than they ever believed possible.

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