PCAB Accreditation

Many of you know that Keystone Pharmacy is accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). When we became accredited three years ago, we were one of the first 50 pharmacies in the country to earn accreditation. Now there are 168 PCAB pharmacies in the United States. However, there are only five PCAB accredited pharmacies in Michigan and Keystone Pharmacy is the only accredited pharmacy west of Ann Arbor, Flint and Brighton.

PCAB accredited compounding pharmacies are held to a very high standard. Recognizing that compounding standards varied widely from pharmacy to pharmacy and state to state, PCAB was established by to following organizations in an effort to standardize care:
• American College of Apothecaries
• American Pharmacists Association
• International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
• National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
• National Community Pharmacists Association
• National Council of State Pharmacy Association Executives
• National Home Infusion Association
• United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)

These organizations recognized that quality control among compounding pharmacies varied from very good to very poor. The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board established rules and standards by which they would judge a pharmacy’s worthiness of accreditation.

Thursday and Friday of this week, we had a surveyor from PCAB at Keystone Pharmacy. The accreditation process is not easy. Our surveyor was VERY thorough. She reviewed all of our training records, our standard operating procedures, our policy and procedures, our testing records and evaluated our team in action. I was very pleased with the way the survey went and surveyor was very complimentary of our compounding operation. It was very helpful to have an outside, independent evaluator assess Keystone Pharmacy’s compounding operations.

Does Keystone Pharmacy have to be accredited in order to make your compound. The simple answer is no. Keystone Pharmacy is accredited because we recognize the serious nature of what we do and how it impacts your health and well-being. We are very proud of what we do and strive to be the best compounding operation anywhere. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and you should accept nothing less.

After all, you would not accept a hospital that lacks accreditation. Why would you accept a non-accredited compounding pharmacy?

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