Medication Therapy Management for you? Why not!

As part of our new service, Suzi is calling patients to ask if you have questions on any new compounded medications.  She will go over with you how the medication works, how to measure the correct dose, etc.

Suzi Anthony, RPh

Suzi may also be calling you about a Comprehensive Medication Review. This is also called Medication Therapy Management. While the name sounds long and confusing, the program is actually very simple. This is your opportunity to sit down with a pharmacist and go over each of your medications, how they all work together, and discuss any concerns. Medicare now states that this service is an important part of pharmacy care, and offers it at no charge to many Medicare patients. Keystone Pharmacy is now offering this service to all of our patients. Give Suzi a call with any questions, charges may apply for non medicare patients.

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