“If menopausal woman has pain or makes trouble, pound her hard on the jaw”

M. PreFontaine Heim R.Ph. FAAFM

M. PreFontaine Heim R.Ph. FAAFM

My husband established a tradition several years ago for our Thanksgiving dinners. Each family member and guest takes a few moments to mention something they are “thankful for” this particular year to the entire gathering. The sentiments are always heartfelt and can be extremely entertaining when younger children are involved. I realized this year how incredibly fortunate I am to work with the patients, physicians and co-workers in my current position at Keystone Pharmacy.

Many of my presentations start with a quote from an Egyptian Medical Text in 2000 B.C. that states:“If menopausal woman has pain or makes trouble, pound her hard on the jaw”.  Now I cannot ensure the authentication of this quote but I do hear similar things from patients in 2014 A.D. Some of the recent quotes I have heard are “menopause is not a disease to be treated” or “if god wanted you to have estrogen at your age, he would have given it to you”. For those women experiencing hot flashes, vaginal dryness, bladder frequency/urgency/pain, memory loss, insomnia, and/or mood issues, I am so thankful for the medical professionals that have an alternate opinion. I am blessed to be able to work with several of those physicians on selecting the best therapy, dosage form and dosages for their patients. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the solution for your patients.

My fellowship training created a solid foundation for the clinical work I preform every day with both patients and prescribers. I would like to thank the managing owner of Keystone Pharmacy, David Miller, for encouraging and supporting me in obtaining the training and credentials. Thank you also for putting together a staff of talented and dedicated employees .

After 9 years, I would have to state I have learned more from the women in my clinical practice than the original classes. They have reinforced a fellowship edict that each patient is an individual. The tenets of hormone replacement therapy can be applied to a statistical population but when it comes to an individual female, there just is not a “standard” dose that will always be effective and not create side effects. Thank you to every single patient I have been given the opportunity to assist. You enrich my knowledge base with every interaction.

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