College Care Packages from You with Love, – made easy by Keystone Pharmacy!

Your student may have been in school for one week or one month. No matter when they started classes, they are undoubtedly feeling the stress of college life kick in. One of the most classic remedies for the chaos of college is, of course, the care package from home.

What could your college student need that we have?carepackages(1)

Deodorant and toothpaste, Band-aids and aspirin,
Shampoo and razors, feminine hygiene too.
Healthy snacks and protein shakes, batteries,
Lotion, dental floss, body wash, cold and flu
Kleenex, lip balm and Pepto Bismol to name a few.
Let us offer the greeting card, free for you!

Let us help you zip your student a care package that will cheer them up and let you know you care-without breaking your bank account or running you ragged. Keep in mind, too, that the sentiment with which you send your care package matters just as much as the items you include. A heartfelt, handwritten note of encouragement can do wonders for your student’s mental and emotional health. 

Purchase your care package contents with us and we will ship it for you, for FREE. $50 min., purchase $100 or more and get 10% off tour purchase.*
Care Package Checklist       *excludes prescriptions

The box from home “is something of a lost art,” says Tetley, director of the First Year Experience program at Webster University in St. Louis. “And it’s sad, because there’s nothing like seeing a student get excited about a package from home.”


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  1. Great tips. I totally agree with you.

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