Can Testosterone Treat Dry Eye?

In 2002, Sullivan, and his co-workers at Harvard, linked testosterone deficiency to dysfunction of the lacrimal glands (tear ducts).   They found that testosterone deficiency increases the dysfunction of certain tear ducts, alters the lipid profile of the tears produced and contributes to evaporative dry eye in women with Sjogren’s syndrome.  But are people without Sjogren’s syndrome at increased risk for dry eye if they are deficient in testosterone?
When men were treated with anti-testosterone drugs for prostate cancer, researchers found that men experienced the same symptoms of dry eye including insufficiency of the tear ducts and tear film instability caused by changes in the amount of lipids (oils) in the tears.
We have identified a potential cause of dry eye.  What is the solution?  Topical testosterone cream placed on the eyelids?  In 2004, Conner performed a study in which they applied 3% topical testosterone cream to the eye lids of patients with chronic dry eye twice daily. The study contained about 88% females and 12% males.  21 out of 40 patients in the study were successful in treating their dry eye.  Several more subjects reported a benefit from treatment but showed no objective improvement.  The successful group was slightly younger than the unsuccessful group (50 years for the successful group vs. 58 years for the unsuccessful group).
So who is a candidate for topical eye-lid testosterone therapy for treating dry eye?  Obviously, first, you have to suffer from dry eye.  Next, it helps to be closer to 50 than 60, but that is not an absolute indicator of success or failure.  Next, you should have either documentation of low testosterone or have clinical symptoms of low testosterone including low libido, decreased muscle mass, decreased energy or any of the other symptoms of low testosterone.  Ladies, once you go through peri-menopause and menopause, if you are not on testosterone replacement therapy, you are almost going to certainly have low testosterone levels.  Men, it is a little more complicated.  Some men in their 20’s have low testosterone level, while some men in their 70’s have normal levels, so you have to rely on your symptoms.
If you have further questions on topical testosterone therapy to treat dry eye, don’t hesitate to call.  We may be able to help!
by Dave Miller, RPh, PhD, FIACP

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5 Responses to Can Testosterone Treat Dry Eye?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hello, I would like to know if topical tesosterone could possibly help with the actual inflammation of the lacrimal glands in SS if rubbed on that particular area of the eyelid.
    Many thanks,

  2. Stella Cleland says:

    Iwould like to know if testosterone cream is available in Britain or on the internet.Do we need a prescription for this?
    I was on an HRT which included testosterone — called Livial and my Dr has taken me off it now and I have noticed my dry eyes are worse

    • Keystone says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We can only answer your question for current Michigan law, we are liscenced in Michigan, USA. You would need an Rx for testosterone in any form as it is a controlled substance.

  3. Misti says:

    Hello I would like to try testosterone but have trouble convincing my doctors. Any trials or other ways I could try this. I am estrogen dominant with low testosterone and progesterone

    • Keystone says:


      In Michigan, where we are located and licensed, you must have a physician willing to prescribe testosterone off-indication for females. Testosterone is a controlled substance so specific DEA rules do also apply to the prescription. I am unaware of any current trials enrolling women for testosterone dosing. In the past, a pharmaceutical company has requested approval for low dose topical testosterone patches for women. The FDA ruled against this approval.

      Mary Heim, RPh FAAFM

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